Academy Showcase

Each fall prospective students from the greater Austin area are invited to attend the McCallum Fine Arts Academy Showcase. Each major at McCallum (Theatre, Choral Studies, Dance, Band, Orchestra, Classical Guitar, Piano, Visual Arts, and Cinematic Arts) offers a special live performance on the MAC stage and arts faculty members as well as current Academy students offer talkbacks, Q&A sessions, and tours of all the various arts departments. October each year.


MacTheatre Will Hold Auditions for their FALL MUSICAL: TITLE TBA

  • Current students and incoming freshmen are welcomed to audition.
  • Seeking Dynamic dancer-singer-actor & singer-actor-dancers. Triple threats.
  • Please prepare 32 bars of a POP or ROCK song that shows range. No musical theatre.
  • DANCE Audition: Mon May 22 at 4:45pm in the Fine Arts Building Theatre. Choir concert students will be seen first.
  • VOCAL Audition: Tue May 23 at 4:45pm in the Fine Arts Building Theatre.
  • You will be invited to Callbacks: Wed May 24 at 5pm in the Fine Arts Building Theatre.
  • Interested applicants must attend both the vocal audition and the dance call.
  • Fall Musical Rehearsals begin Mon July 31, 2017.
  • Fall Musical PERFORMANCES begin mid-October 2017.
  • Fall Musical title will be announced at this year’s Royale Court Players Theatre Department Banquet Sun May 21, 2017 at 5:30pm on the McCallum Arts Center Stage.


Back To School Bash

The Royale Theatre Society hosts a “Meet and Greet” party each year to kick off the school year. This informal get-together at the JCC provides an opportunity for parents to get introduced, chat with faculty members, and get informed about upcoming initiatives, events, and performances. It is very important that ALL THEATRE PARENTS ATTEND. Food is served and there is a pool party for students. August each year. 

Charms Calendar

The schoolcode is mactheatre. Once inside the portal click on PUBLIC CALENDAR in the lower left corner to view the most up to date calendar.


Coffee Houses 

Another MFAA tradition, approximately once per semester an afternoon talent show is held that is open to all students through auditions. Performances are only limited by student’s imagination.

College Auditions 

Auditions are a key part of admissions for college Theatre programs. The top programs are extremely selective for admission, with several hundred students auditioning for 10-20 slots. MFAA Theatre students train extensively for college auditions including mock audition sessions as part of their coursework as well as one-on-one coaching and guidance from the Theatre Faculty. 


Quite spendy, college audition coaches offer the same college audition preparation that we offer at McCallum. The advantage to trusting McCallum faculty with your pieces is that we know you and have worked with you for four years! We offer our assistance because we want to see you succeed, not as a business model! Our faculty knows the subtleties of the schools, knows the program heads, and they know us! Save your money for those flights, application fees, hotels, headshots, makeup, and wardrobe! Please be advised: we have had to undo the bad advice from a lot of these coaches because they do not know you at all. We have seen them offer unimpressive and overdone song choices that do nothing to show off your voices, one-size-fits all shoddy vocal technique from people that have never sang professionally peddled, and all traces of individuality and what makes you you polished away to blandsville! Also please note: many of these coaches are paid by the schools themselves to recommend certain BFA programs over others- there are politics in everything! We know the schools and can help you find one that is right for you. That being said these programs are well-suited for students that don't have access to the types of training and experiences that you do here at McCallum. I will say that Mary Anna Dennard's Moonified (Unified) Audition program is quite unique and helpful. Check her out at We also DO recommend using a QUALITY audition coach if you have the means. Use a coach that is well connected and can give you access to MOONIFIED auditions. The only two that can do that are:

Dave Clemmons College Advisory Program

Crew Sign Up

When you think you would like to crew a MacTheatre show you should sign as soon as possible up by filling out this online form.

Can anyone crew a MacTheatre production?

MacTheatre productions are open to any McCallum student either in the Academy or in the general population.

dance instructors (RECOMMENDED)


Fair Share Fees

Fair Share Fees are due for all Theatre majors on the first day of classes.

Theatre Department Fair Share Fees cover:

  • Texas Thespian Festival Registration, Hotel, Dinner Each Evening, and Charter Bus Transportation $380
  • Production Fees for the year: $110
  • Theatre Department T-Shirt: $15 

Total: $505

Payment Options

  1. ALL INCLUSIVE 1 Payment: $490 Due August 21, 2017 *students that choose this option will receive a free Theatre Department shirt and 2 free tickets to the Fall Musical.
  2. ALL INCLUSIVE 2 Payments: $380 Due August 21, 2017 AND $125 Due October 2, 2017
  3. PRODUCTION FEES & T-SHIRT ONLY $125 Due October 2, 2017

Please make checks payable to MacTheatre. Place completed invoice with
payment in an envelope and hand directly to the Theatre Faculty or place in the
white mailbox outside of the Theatre office.

I am a Musical Theatre Certificate student that is not a Theatre major. Do I have to pay Theatre Department Fair Share Fees?

No. Musical Theatre Certificate students that are Dance and Choral Studies majors can pay for each component separately: $380 for Texas Thespian Festival due August 21, 2017, $55 Production Fees due at the start of each rehearsal process when cast, and $15 for a Theatre Department t-shirt due October 2, 2017.

Fine Arts Building Theatre- FABT

The smaller theatre at MFAA. Most Theatre Department productions are performed in the FABT including the mainstage straight plays and The Rep: Student Directed One Act Play Festival.


Freshman Orientation- Artist Academy

The MacTheatre Artist Academy is a 3 day-long event for Freshman and other new students to get acquainted with MFAA and MacTheatre. August each year.

Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards


ABM Photography

David Long

Headshots In A Truck

How to Spell and Say “Theatre”

Always spell “theatre” with an “re” at the end, not “theater.” Avoid pronouncing it “thee-ate-er.” The cognoscenti say, “thee-ah-ter.”

MacTheatre Code of Ethics

MacTheatre Parents Googlegroup

Sign up for our Google listserve group where we talk about upcoming volunteer opportunities to support the Theatre Department and our thespians. You do not have to have a gmail address to participate.

If you want to be manually added to the group, send an email with your request to

  • Once registered you can easily contact all listserve members by simply sending an email to

Mainstage Productions

MacTheatre produces four major productions per year, two in the fall semester and two in the spring semester, always including a play and a musical each semester. Auditions for the next show of the season promptly follow the performances of the previous show.

Can anyone audition for a MacTheatre production?

MacTheatre productions are open to any McCallum student either in the Academy or in the general population.

McCallum Arts Center- MAC 

The large theatre at MFAA. The mainstage musicals are usually the only theatre productions in the MAC.

New York and London

Each year the Theatre Department at McCallum sponsors a spring break Theatre Education trip to New York or London to see Broadway shows and take master classes from Broadway professionals.

London 2018 Now Enrolling

London's theater scene has something for every audience. Tragedies, comedies and musicals. Long-running favorites and groundbreaking debuts. You'll explore theater's roots at Shakespeare's Globe and learn about its present and future during backstage tours and lectures. And of course, London is a show in its own right.

  • 9 Days- England
  • Tour Number: 1950187DB
  • Group Leader: Joshua Denning
  • Requested Departure Date: 3/10/2018
  • Requested Return Date: 3/18/2018
  • Requested Departure Gateway: Austin

The lights dim and the voices hush. The curtain rises and you're swept away by the performance on stage. 

Detailed Price Quote

Playbill Bios and Headshots

Cast and Crew members for each show must submit their Bio and Headshot and by the deadline (3 weeks prior to opening night) or it will not be included the Playbill.

paramount story wranglers internship

The Paramount Theatre has formed an exclusive partnership with Theatre majors from McCallum Fine Arts Academy. Theatre majors from the McCallum can apply to participate in a Story Wranglers production, which involves collaboratively adapting stories written by 3rd graders into a theatrical production performed at their elementary school.

Princess Tea Party Fundraiser 

Dressing up in creative costumes for Halloween is a strong tradition at MFAA. There is a Theatre Department costume contest and and many students dress in pairs or groups with a theme. The Royale Court Players Thespian Troupe #4229 officers also organize a Princess Tea Party fundraiser each Halloween where kids can have tea with their favorite fairy tale characters followed by a special live performance by the princesses. 

Production Class 

Enrolling in Production Class is optional and the class is open to any McCallum student. Production class meets every Friday and once enrolled, students complete production hours by rehearsing or crewing MacTheatre shows and complete assignments related to the production of MacTheatre performances for class credit. Levels III& IV of the class are on a 5 point weighted scale and Production Class has the ability to raise the student's cumulative GPA if the student does well in the class.


Simply text the class code @mact to 81010 to receive MFAA Theatre Department text message updates directly on your phone.



The Royale Court players or RCP is the official name of McCallum's Thespian troupe. The difference between the school's Thespian troupe and the theatre program: The Thespian troupe is a subset of the theatre arts program. It is the student honor society, a separate student organization, and membership is earned.

What is the Thespian Club?

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is a drama organization for high-school theatre students.

What are thespian points?

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the honor society for middle and secondary school theatre students. Membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts that meets the Society's general guidelines. Students meet one important induction requirement by earning Thespian points.

What is the International Thespian Society?

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the Educational Theatre Association's student honorary organization. ITS recognizes the achievements of high school and middle school theatre students. Since 1929, EdTA has inducted more than 2 million Thespians into ITS.

What is a thespian induction?

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the honor society for secondary school theatre students. Membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts. High school Thespian induction eligibility requirements and procedures are detailed in the Thespian Troupe Handbook.


  • The National Honor Society for Theatre

The International Thespian Society, is the world’s largest honor society recognizing excellence and achievement in middle and high school theatre students. More than 2 million students have been inducted into ITS since its beginning in 1929. Through their EdTA membership, Thespians have access to college auditions, scholarship money, and countless other young people with similar interests. Theatre teaches powerful lifeskills preparing all Thespians for a bright future.

MFAA Theatre Students who accrue 10 points based on after-school volunteer service for the Theatre Department (approximately 10 hours per point) are eligible for induction into International Thespian Society Troupe #4229. Hours are tracked by the Royale Theatre Society Thespian Union Steward parent volunteer.


A Thespian Point Record should be submitted to or in hard copy to the RTS mailbox in the FABT each year by May 1. Each student should keep a cumulative point record throughout their time at McCallum even after they have been inducted. Point accumulation may begin during the first semester at McCallum

Thespians who demonstrate high academic success in overall coursework while achieving excellent work in theatre earn the distinction "scholar." The scholar distinction always follows the student’s rank to create his or her full designation:

  • Thespian Scholar
  • Honor Thespian President's List Scholar
  • National Honor Thespian Scholar
  • Students with a 3.5 GPA become Vice President's List Scholars, and students with a 4.0 GPA are awarded the President's List Scholar distinction.


  • Back To School Bash  
  • Halloween- Princess Tea Party Fundraiser  
  • Texas Thespian State Festival- a convention of over 7000 high school Thespians!
  • Current Student and Alumni Holiday Party
  • RCP Lock In

Royale Theatre Society- RTS

An organization of Theatre Department parents who volunteer their time to assist the department with concessions, Tech Week food, events, and fund-raising. The Royale Theatre Society meets one evening each month and begins the year with a meet-and-greet party for all department parents and faculty called the Back To School Bash.


Summer Programs

Tech Week and Tech Week Food

The week before a production when final rehearsals are held in the evening (cue to cue rehearsal, dress rehearsal, run-throughs). The Royale Theatre Society parents supply dinner each evening for up to 100 students.

Texas Thespian Festival

Each year each Performance Theatre (Acting), Musical Theatre Certificate, and Technical Theatre student travels with the Theatre Department to the Texas Thespian Festival. 

Texas Thespian State Festival is filled with:

  • Workshops
  • Main Stage Performances
  • Play Marathons
  • College Auditions
  • Performance Competitions
  • Technical Competitions
  • Nationally Acclaimed Guest Speakers
  • All Convention Events
  • Late Night Social Events
  • Thespian-related vendors arealso on hand
  • Opportunities to advance to the International Thespian Society National Festival
  • Opportunities to meet other Thespians from all over TX who share a great passion for Theatre

The Rep: Student-Directed One Act Play Festival 

Cutting-edge, innovative, student-conceived productions in one act, held in the spring. Level 3 and 4 Acting and Musical Theatre students “pitch” their concepts for productions to the faculty at the start of spring semester and three to four are selected for production, performed in repertory over several evenings along with the Level 1 UIL One Act Play contest entry. The Rep also includes McCallum's unique student-written musical. Only Level 3 and 4 students are able to direct for The Rep and only Level 2, 3, and 4 students may serve as cast or crew for The Rep. 

Theatre Class Websites




Theatre Department College Night

At Theatre Department College Night in the fall, the Theatre faculty explain all the in’s and out’s of the college admission process for theatre students: BA vs. BFA, the audition process, how to prepare for college, the best schools for theatre, and more. 

Theatre Department Documents

Theatre Department Website 

The MFAA Theatre Department website is You can download forms and important Theatre Department information from the CURRENT STUDENTS pages and tickets for MacTheatre shows can be purchased from this site.

Theatre Tickets

Tickets to MacTheatre productions can be purchased via the WHAT'S ON and TICKETS links at

Thespian Banquet

MFAA Theatre Students who accrue 10 points based on after-school volunteer service for the Theatre Department (approximately 10 hours per point) are eligible for induction into International Thespian Society Troupe #4229. Hours are tracked by the Royale Theatre Society Thespian Union Steward parent volunteer. The Induction Ceremony and Banquet is sponsored by the Royale Court Players Thespian Troupe #4229 elected officers and the Royale Theatre Society parent booster organization and is held at the end of the school year on the MAC stage. Thespian officers are also elected at the end of each school year.

UIL One Act Play Contest 

All freshman Acting majors participate in the production of McCallum's University Interscholastic League One Act Play Contest entry. At the start of the spring semester the play is cast and rehearsed in the freshmen Acting major's class and performed not only at the various locations and dates of the competition, but also in repertory with The Rep: Student Directed One Act Play Festival productions. 


Each year in February 50+ college programs hold auditions in Chicago called “National Unified Auditions” (also held in NYC, Las Vegas, and LA). 


During the first two weeks of each academic year private voice teachers register McCallum students for on-campus private voice lessons. These private lessons can be taken during the student's Theatre, Musical Theatre, or Choral Studies class periods.