$25 — half hour

$37.50 — 45 minutes

$50 — hour

Parents should contact a voice teacher below to schedule their student’s weekly lessons during their theatre, musical theatre, or choir class.


Robert Carrasco

I’m a professional Singer(Musical Theatre, Opera, Pop & Rock) and an Expert Vocal Instructor. My mission is 'Transforming Singers into Vocal Artists'. I believe anyone can sing well and that if you are motivated to become a better vocal performer, then you can be- regardless of your experience or specialty(dancers, that includes you!). With my holistic approach to teaching, you will always be given clear step-by-step instruction that’s easy-to- learn, 100% Healthy, Effective, Efficient, Innovative, Transformative, and Fun.  

Please visit my website below to Learn More(watch free vocal exercises,get tips, hear my story, etc) and to Book Your Lessons via my online scheduler . There we can even set up a free 15-minute video chat to answer any questions you may have. 

Robert Carrasco

(808) 631-3600


Charissa Memrick

She earned a Bachelors degree in Vocal Performance and a Masters degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy.  Charissa’s vocal ability is solidified in over a decade of classical and musical theatre training. Her stage presence is grounded in her passion for expressing the human condition and bringing complex characters to life. 

(512) 740-5834


Angela Irving

I specialize in teaching high school students classical and musical theatre and I'm open to receiving anyone in the studio, whether they be beginning, advanced, or somewhere in between.

If you are interested in becoming a student of mine, please fill out the online form on my website’s Registration page.

(972) 898-2694