Auditioning for college is incredibly demanding, physically and emotionally...not to mention financially.

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Consortium Auditions

locations and dates


Consortium auditions: reps from the different college theatre programs are in one room for your audition, you are then called back to apply for certain schools. Registration for these types of auditions happens THROUGH THE CONSORTIUM’S WEBSITE:



OVERVIEW of unifieds

  • The National Unified Auditions is a loose coalition of college theatre programs that hold auditions at the same locations each year: New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

  • There are 25-30 “official” members of Unifieds: U Arts, Ball State, Boston Conservatory, Cincinnati, Cornish, Emerson, U Evansville, Hartt (U Hartford), Ithaca, Miami (Fla), Michigan, Montclair St., Northern Illinois, Oklahoma, Otterbein, Penn State, Point Park, Roosevelt, Santa Fe, SCAD, SMU, TCU, Utah, Viterbo, Webster.

  • Many more schools conduct auditions in the same locations (25-50 more), but not all schools. To confirm that a school will be holding auditions at Unifieds, you have to go to the theatre department website for each school and check the dates and locations for their auditions.

Location and Dates

  • The Chicago Unifieds location is the Hilton Palmer House Hotel, but auditions are also held at other locations in the surrounding area (usually other hotels). Auditions for schools in Chicago are usually held at the school. The Hilton Palmer House is in the heart of the Chicago Theatre District.

  • The Chicago Unifieds official dates are usually Monday through Wednesday during or close to the second week in February. Note that some programs begin audition and dance calls on Saturday and some schools may hold auditions on Thursday. Also note that non-member schools auditioning in Chicago during Unifieds may schedule auditions anywhere from Sunday to Friday.

  • Please note that the dates for Chicago Unifieds typically fall on the dates in between the first and second weekend of performances of our spring musical.

New York Unifieds

Usually 2nd to last weekend in January:

Saturday and Sunday

Chicago Unifieds

Usually 2nd Week of February:

Sunday to Friday

LA Unifieds

Usually 2nd weekend of February:

Saturday and Sunday

Audition Process

  • These are not group auditions like the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska or the Greater Houston Area Auditions. There is no central sign-up system or process. Unified Auditions are individual, “small-room” auditions. You have to audition separately for each school.

  • Students have to sign up for an audition with each school individually. Carefully check all application and audition registration procedures, they will vary from school to school. Some schools require you to apply in order to register for an audition slot, others do not. Some schools require video prescreens to be submitted prior to granting an audition slot.

  • The audition list for some schools fill up fast. Some schools run out of slots by November.

  • All auditions are individual, each student auditions in a small conference room in front of a panel of faculty members.

  • Some Musical Theatre programs hold group dance calls for Musical Theatre auditions in addition to individual auditions, sometimes on a different day from individual monologue+songs auditions.

  • Some schools do have walk-in slots available, although this is not guaranteed and walk-ins are highly unlikely to be available for the top programs.

  • Some schools hold information sessions for students and parents.

  • For Musical Theatre, an accompanist is provided by some schools, while other schools require the student to bring their accompaniment and a device to play the accompaniment (an iPod and a battery-powered speaker dock, for example).

Pro Tips

  • Schedule 2 middles and one reach audition early for the month of November. If you are accepted you can take some schools off of your audition list at Unifieds.

  • Because college acting and musical theatre auditions are so competitive you will need to audition for between 18-22 schools.

    • Due to overlapping on-campus audition dates on the weekends you will need to do a mix of on-campus and Unified auditions in order to fit 18-22 schools into your audition season.

  • At Unifieds, due to the way everything is scheduled, you will usually be able to fit in about 3 auditions a day.

  • The energy at Unifieds is very keyed up! Don’t involve yourself with any insecure auditionees draining your energy and focus. Bring a book. Bring earphones. Stay on vocal rest.

  • Don’t tell other auditionees or parents what your audition material is- THEY WILL STEAL IT AND MAY BE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU IN LINE.

  • There isn’t ever really enough space for the dance calls at Unifieds so Dancers, you aren’t really going to be thrilled with the dance calls at Unifieds. On-campus dance calls are much nicer.

  • On-campus auditions will be a LONG day: morning info. session, audition time slot, dance or movement call, possible interview, tour of the school, meeting current students.