Musical Theatre applicants will need 3 monologues total:

  1. A contemporary dramatic monologue

  2. A contemporary comedic monologue

  3. A classical monologue that contrasts your favorite/best contemporary mono.

Acting Applicants will need 4 monologues total:

  1. A contemporary dramatic monologue

  2. A contemporary comedic monologue

  3. A classical dramatic monologue

  4. A classical comedic monologue

How To Choose

Plain and simple. Audition pieces should be chosen because the performer in question has a strong connection with the message of the piece, or the piece shows off that performer’s talents particularly well...preferably both. While suggestions can be helpful, you will have a better chance of doing well at the audition if blood, sweat, and tears went into preparing for it.
— Broadway Artists Alliance

4 Steps to Choosing Strong Material

  1. Catalog your acting strengths.  Make a list: Vulnerable, Strong, Funny, etc.  


  3. Choose one strength per piece (from your answers to the above questions).

  4. Use contrasting pieces to show different strengths--also versatility and range.

All monologues will have the following components

  • Age Appropriate – the character should be near your age range.

  • Interesting – we don’t want to bore anyone to death!

  • An intact narrative structure – a clear beginning, middle and end.

  • A STRONG objective that is integral to the piece. “I want X from you, now!”

  • Self-explanatory set-up – you don’t have the luxury of introducing the situation.

  • Performable in any space.

  • No props necessary.

  • SHORT!  90 seconds

  • Shows off you and your talents – now isn’t the time to stretch!

PLAY TO TYPE. This is something a lot of people don’t realize about college auditions. While out in the “real” theater world it can be refreshing for a casting director to see a new take on something, don’t do it for the colleges. If you are a young attractive soprano, don’t do King Lear.  When in doubt, ask yourself, “As of this very moment, would I get cast in this role?” If the answer is, “Well, no, but I really make it my own out of context!” move on to something else.
— Broadway Artists Alliance

Male Contemporary

Alma de Groen’s Going Home

Amanda Hill's One

Amy Tofte’s Little Red

Amy Tofte’s The Scrambling Class

Anne Hanley’s Ring Around the Rosies

Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

Ashley Rose Wellman’s Willed Bodies

Cody Goulder’s Burn

Cody Goulder’s The Halfway House

Damon Chua’s Film Chinois

David French’s Of The Fields, Lately

David MacGregor’s Consider the Oyster

Dawson Moore’s Dead Middle-Aged Whore

Dawson Moore’s Oh, Nancy!

Dawson Moore’s Revenge Fantasy

Dawson Moore’s Termination Dust

Dawson Moore’s Tori Amos with a Lisp, Gene-Spliced with a Mule

Drew Hayden Taylor’s Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock

Erica Silberman’s Mike

Erik Gernard’s The Beautiful Dark

Gail High’s Breathe In Breathe Out

Howard Meyer’s Welcome, This is a Neighborhood Watch Community

Jaclyn Vilano’s Shoe Baby

Jennifer Williams’ I Actually Wanted You to Say

Joe Barne’s The Day She Went Away

Joe Barnes’ Dirty Little Secrets

John Eller’s Evolution Love Time

John Patrick Shanley’s The Red Coat

Jonathan Rand’s Check, Please

Laura Neubauer’s The Chasm

Lee Blessing’s Eleemosynary

Leon Aureus’s Banana Boys

Linda Ayres-Frederick’s WHAT

Liz Flahive’s From Up Here

Louis Nowra’s The Golden Age

Mattie Roquel Rydalch’s Verne’s Diner

Meagan Daine’s AKTIAG

Neil Haven’s The Playdaters

Neil Labute’s Autobahn

Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig

Paul Braverman’s Captive Audition

Paul Brynner’s Taking Shortcuts

Peter Porco’s Stepping Out

Ryan Buen’s Hey, Judae

Susan Rogers’ and Chris Drummond’s Night Letters

Tony Pasqualini’s Birdbrain

Wade Bradford’s The Roomates

William Inge’s The Dark at the Top of the Stairs


Ali Viterbi’s Period Sisters

Ali Viterbi’s Period Sisters 2

Alice Stanley’s Not Being Manipulated!

Amy Berryman’s Control

Amy Berryman's Control 2

Anna Belc’s The Fish Bowl

Anne Hanley’s Ring Around the Rosie

Arthur M. Jolly’s Childish Things

Ashley Rose Wellman’s Better Lakes Elsewhere

Ashley Rose Wellman’s Hot Tragic Dead Thing

Ashley Rose Wellman’s Hot Tragic Dead Thing 2

Betty Quan’s Mother Tongue

Catherine Weingarten’s A Roller Rink Temptation

Catherine Weingarten’s Educational, Career Relevant Summer Jobs are Important for Young Women!

Catherine Weingarten’s Whipped Dream- A Fantasia

Charles Mee’s The Perfect Wedding

Cherie Bennett’s John Lennon & Me

Corey Ann Haydu’s Café Manhattan

Damon Chua’s Film Chinois The Ghost Building

Daniel Guyton’s Daffodils

Daniel Guyton’s Where’s Julie

David MacGregor’s Consider the Oyster

David Mamet’s Oleanna

David Mamet’s Oleanna 2

David Moberg’s Constellations

Dawson Moore’s Cacophony Amore

Elana Gartner’s Because of Beth

Elena Hartwell’s The Last Train to Hicksville

Frank Wedekind’s Spring’s Awakening

Jerry D. McDonnell’s Back Home

Joe Barnes’ The Day She Went Away

Joe Pintauro ‘s Reindeer Soup

John Patrick Shanley’s Woman Of Manhattan

Jonathan Minton’s The Monkey Virus of Mildred

Jonathan Rand’s Check, Please

Joy Cutler’s Cut to the Chase

Joyce Fontana’s There’s More To It Than Zombies

Julia Lederer’s The Best Plan For Living Happily

Julia Lederer’s With Love and a Major Organ

Kellie Powell’s And Turning, Stay

Kellie Powell’s Your Money’s Worth

Lisa M. Konoplisky’s Original Sin

Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

Marc Schultz’ Helen Of Troy

Merridawn Duckler’s Fire, Bird

Neena Beber’s Misreadings

Neil Labute’s Autobahn

Nicholas Walker Herbert’s Georgia’s Dream

Nicholas Walker Herbert’s The Name of Love

Nick Enright’s Blackrock

Nicky Silver’s Raised In Captivity

Sandra Mander's Other People's Children

Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels

Toa Fraser’s Bare

William Inge’s A Loss Of Roses