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Murder on the Orient Express

Monologue Audition Mon. sept 30


  • Please prepare a 1-minute to 90 second contemporary comedic monologue

  • Audition order will be determined by order in which this form is received

  • All auditioning must have this form completed to be seen (please consider your audition confirmed once you click submit- don’t wait for an email confirmation)

Callback AUDITION TUE. oct 1


  • Please be prepared to do cold reading from the script


Hercule Poirot: Male, 55-65

a famous Belgian detective; a "Big" personality; authoritative, witty, charismatic and slightly pompous; driven to find the answers, good or bad, with a strong moral sense; very aware of his ability and his well deserved reputation.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Monsieur Bouc: Male, 30-59

a Belgian man of good humor; playful, proud, generous; a predilection for grandeur; a whirlwind of energy; must be an excellent comedian.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Mary Debenham: Female, 30-40

an English beauty; a governess, capable yet romantic; a sadness around her eyes and a hardness about her person.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Hector MacQueen: Male, 30-40

tightly wound, edgy and nervous; he seems to always be on the verge of falling apart or coming unwound.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Michel the Conductor/Marcel: Male, 35-59

one actor will play two roles: Michel: a good-looking Frenchman, about 40, a quiet, almost grave sense of humor; unfailingly polite; Marcel: a Turkish waiter, snooty, smooth; must have great comic timing.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Princess Dragomiroff: Female, 60-79

a Russian dowager; very formal, a sweeping, impressive presence; imperial, impatient.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Greta Ohlsson: Female, 25-60

Countess Andrenyi: Female, 25-39

Helen Hubbard: Female, 40-65

Colonel Arbuthnot / Ratchett: Male, 35-59


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I agree to adhere to the following rules and requirements: 1. I will arrive on time to all calls. If I have a conflict with the rehearsal schedule, I will make prior arrangements with the Stage Manager or Technical Director. Absences during tech and dress rehearsals, shows and strike are not permitted and may result in loss of credit for production. 2. I will be prepared and professional at all rehearsals and will bring my script, score, and a writing utensil to all acting or singing rehearsals. 3. I will respect my fellow performers and the staff. When using McCallum Arts Center and affiliated spaces, I will respect Theatre Department supervisors and staff. 4. I will leave the rehearsal space exactly as I found it. The cast is responsible for helping reset furniture and ensuring that doors are closed and locked. 5. I will not attend any rehearsals, performances, crew assignments under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 6. During build, load in, performances, and strike, I will respond quickly and efficiently to all requests made by the technical staff, designers, build crew, and run crew to ensure my own safety and the safety of others. 7. I will accept the costume and make-up designs for my character without complaint. If I do have an issue with my costume or makeup, I will discuss the matter privately with the Stage Manager. I will not change my hairstyle without prior approval from the Director, Stage Manager, or Costume Designer. 8. I grant MacTheatre the right to publish, in perpetuity, media containing my person, including photographs, videos, and audio recordings. I waive the right to inspect or approve versions of media containing my person when used for official MacTheatre publication or business. 9. By signing this contract I acknowledge that myself or my guardian are responsible for the replacement costs of rented scripts, scores, costumes, or props that are damaged or misplaced by myself during the production process. 10. If I take issue with another cast member or staff member, I will bring the issue to the Stage Manager or Director accordingly. 11. For the better of the production and to ensure the quality of my own experience, I will do my very best at all rehearsals, performances, and build hours. 12. Each family with a participating cast or crew member is expected to volunteer in some capacity for the show. Jobs include serving meals during tech week, promotion activities, and front-of-the-house activities like ticket sales, concessions, and DVD/T-shirt sales. We will communicate via google listserve with online signup opportunities. If you are not already a member, join by emailing or watch for an invitation from us to join. *
I understand that I must remain eligible for the production, this is an extra curricular activity and will plan ahead EARLY and/or make arrangements to catch up on other assignments as needed. *