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I want to be a part of the most unique theatre curriculum available to Central Texas students.


The audition panel is looking for:

  • A vibrant and energized body and mind
  • A healthy body and a healthy voice
  • A knowledge of theatre, television and film
  • An ability to transform the written text in either song or speech into believable and theatrically truthful words and thought
  • An ability to freely use your imagination
  • An ability to listen and follow instructions
  • At the point of an offer being made or a place on the reserve list, the audition panel will have assessed the following:
  • An ability to work with others to achieve a presentable piece of work
  • Spontaneity
  • An ability and previous experience in singing, acting and dancing (for Musical Theatre the panel will expect potential in at least two out of the three)
  • An ability to attempt everything regardless of previous experience
  • A receptive and enquiring mind
  • A voice and body that is trainable and a personality responsive to our methods of training
  • An ability to listen and follow instructions
  • It is not possible to give any feedback from the audition process